((PINS)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Manchester, England, England’s* PINS are a band of four (singer/guitarist Faith + guitarist/singer Lois + bassist/singer Anna + drummer/singer Sophie) that play catchy post-something punk that will swirl its way straight to your coldblooded lo-fi heart.

PINS are cool cats. There is little doubt about that. Hell, I feel cooler just listening to them (while music blobbing in sweatpants from my parents’ basement). But they’re not too cool for music school that they forget about crafting a good song. We’re talking substance AND style, mang.

Sure. The band has got a chilly vibe sometimes (those slightly foreboding basslines and lonely guitar solos, tho). Every good post-something punk band does. But they’ll mix up that action with perfectly hazy hooks and sunny ooh-ahh harmonies and choruses that put the pep in pepper (not sure who puts the “er” in pepper - Erasure?).

PINS can go dark but - and this next point is key - they are not depressing. At all. I don’t know how they pull off such shadowy good times. PINS are a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in bacon-like goodness.

The band has already released one good record and are set for their follow-up soon. Before that, they will be touring. And oh, no big deal, that tour leads them to NYC where they will play the big time Oh My Rockness (that’s us) CMJ show! I haven’t told anybody yet. Until now. Maybe I should have prepped a press release first. JK. Press releases suck. Get excited about seeing PINS like we’re excited about seeing PINS. Or, don’t come to our show and sulk at home. You do you. It's your journey, mang.

(*no that first sentence does not have a typo - it’s from HAIR - SO SIC YOU - try seeing a musical sometime - YOU MIGHT LIKE THEM - except for the 98.78% that are terrible - Hair isn't terrible, though - neither is Jesus Christ Superstar - but I digress - perhaps I have blobbed too much today.)

Published September 8, 2014



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