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Written by Patrick McNamara

Ann Arbor’s Pity Sex (singer/guitarist Britty! singer/guitarist Brennan! bass player Brandan! drummer….Sean? Where’s your “B” name, bro?) rock fuzzy punk that will leave you feeling like life is often better than bad.

Please don’t misunderstand. You won’t walk away from this with a smile plastered to your face. But you might leave with a slight bounce of betterness in your step (unless that’s just a limp - as you hobble away from a lost love that will never again be found - either one - i always gets confused with emo - it’s like am i happy or am i sad? - i just don’t know!).

Pity Sex’s crunchy vs. noodle-y guitars playfully wrestle as male/female harmonies propel these noisy choruses towards something resembling contentment. But this pop comes straight from the heart - and that ain’t always a happy place. Their lyrics suggest some members of Pity Sex might perhaps be a TAD depressed. Someone done got themselves involved in some bad lovin’, I reckon (also: their most recent album is called “Dark World”). But who isn’t a little bit down these days? In this economy??? I tell ya. Zoom. Bam. Boom. Middle Class! Straight to the moon!

As a general rule to a part of the whole of the enigma wrapped in a riddle, though, Pity Sex are generally a positive listening experience. As in, you will feel slightly better about things after hearing them. Or, they’ll just remind you of painful memories and the present knowledge of how alone you truly are.

I can never tell with emo. It’s like, am I happy or am I sad?

Hell if I know.

(ps: Pity Sex are definitely more fun than actual pity sex. Because with pity sex, it doesn’t matter if you’re the pity-er or pity-ee - that soiree is not an uplifting and positive experience for either party.)

Published February 3, 2014



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