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Jed Johnson
Pizza! is an intriguing band that's just kind of hard to pin down (and a hard band to Google -- or should we be hipper to the times and say they're hard to "Bing?"). As you can guess by their name, this band is kind of goofy. But they're kind of goofy like Devo and Talking Heads were kind of goofy. The good kind of goof.

Goofy as a musical term should not to be confused with silly. Silly is a whole other musical genre (They Might Be Giants?) we've never been interested in. The goofy, on the other hand, can fall into various "art" genres. Like art-pop, or art-punk, or art-carney.

Using lots of synths and swirling harmonies and plenty of pointy guitar spikes, the five guys in Pizza! make music that sounds a little psych-y at times, but then at other times they'll bust out the punk rhythms and yelping chants out of nowhere. They go from The Byrds to Les Savy Fav quicker than it takes us to say, "Hell yes, we want the cinnamon crazy sticks with that."

Anyway, we appreciate the balls of a band (we don't literally appreciate their balls) to name themselves Pizza! But then again, have you ever met someone who didn't like pizza? Let's be clear. Not everyone will like this Pizza! Yet isn't that really what goofy (sorry, "art") rock is all about? You get it or you don't.
Published July 29, 2009



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