((Plants and Animals)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Plants and Animals photographed by Katie Moore
Montreal's Plants and Animals play hyper-melodic and generally grand pop music with horns and strings and soaring soulful choruses and stuff. It would be easy to compare this band to Arcade Fire. After all, they've shared a string player or two with that most famous band, and of course, they share the same hometown (btw, Montreal's bagels blow NYC bagels out of the Hudson). And since we're all about going for the easy dangling carrot here at Oh My Rockness, you'd probably like Plants and Animals if you like Arcade Fire.

But just a warning, Plants and Animals are a little bit more blues-y in that "funky" kind of way (one song starts with a dude whistling and then this "funky" guitar riff comes in). The band's debut album Parc Avenue was released in 2008 on Secret City. A fun little fact: Secret City is also home to the criminally under-the-radar Montreal band,Miracle Fortress. We like those guys, too.

Published July 1, 2008



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