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Yes, what initially drove me to this band was not my car. No, what drove me to this sweet band was their sweet name. C'mon, you know the name Pocahaunted rules. Oh and on a side (but related) note, I often DO judge books by their covers. Initial superficial judgments rule!

Anyway, what also drew me into the wonderfully drone-y world of Pocahaunted was that I noticed the band (from L.A.) is playing a show down in Austin (this fact is most likely hopelessly outdated as you read this) with Beach Fossils and Real Estate. And I was like, "Hey, I like Beach Fossils and Real Estate! Why don't I know Pocahaunted?" So long story less boring, I check Pocahaunted out. And you know what? Now I like a new band! I love when that happens.

A bunch of people have been on this band for a lot longer than me though, like Not Fun Fun Records, which has released a bunch of their albums. Oh, this band used to have Bethany Cosentino in it (when they were a duo... the other half being Amanda Brown... now they are a band of five). You now know Bethany better as Best Coast. Best Coast is getting famous.

Ok, so we mentioned the drone already. But really Pocahaunted is -- I hate to categorize it as such, but I'm going to do it anyway -- hippie-dippie rock. It's experimental. It's often noisy. It makes me want to run through forests. It's, you know, hippie-dippie. Oh, and it sometimes sounds a little bit like the beach. Thus, the show with Real Estate and Beach Fossils and all is right with the world.
Published March 10, 2010



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