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I stumbled across Poindexter's perfectly chill pop jam "Helpless" somehow, someway. I guess it's been around for a little while in a few different versions or something? Who knows? I just kind of work here. Nevertheless I'm certainly glad kismet shone its serendipitous face upon me during that "new music discovery" surfing session of mine, because this song may very well might be my easy pop jam of the summer.

Did I mention it's slightly "funky" too? So after playing "Helpless" a few dozen times (not kidding) I figured I better find out more about this Poindexter character. After a few manic Altavista searches (it's called ALT-avista for a reason, kids... you gotta be ALT to use it) I didn't learn a whole lot. But I did find out that Poindexter, sadly, isn't Buster's son and that left me feeling HOT HOT HOT.

Poindexter is actually Andrew Rodriguez, a producer/remixer from Portland. (You should listen to the sweet remix he did for James Blake too.) And that's about all I know. ALT-avista isn't what it used to be, I guess.

But back to "Helpless" – gosh, I've been in love with that song. So yeah, just thought you should know that. (Oh yeah, think Anoraak meets Phoenix meets Pinback meets The Whitest Boy Alive... I almost ended a profile without comparing one band to other bands! The horror!)

Published May 23, 2012



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