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Pop Zeus is Brooklyn’s Mikey Hodges. He made a bunch of songs on his second-hand four-track (playing all the instruments himself, of course) and when he was done he realized he had something close to power-guitar-pop perfection. Well, that’s what I realized anyway. But I bet he was pretty proud of this result too. It’s so happy good times how can he not be?

This is good distorted jingle jangle that comes with guitar solos and super singable melodies. Like my other recent favorites Barreracudas and Warm Soda, Pop Zeus is taking inspiration from the glory power-pop days circa ‘77 or ‘78 - when all my older uncle dudes had wispy mustaches and feathered rat tails and packs of cigarettes rolled up their sleeve as they pulled on their Strohs and listened to the sounds of summer FM chill times.

I bet Alex Chilton would’ve appreciated Mikey Hodges’ vibe. Joey Ramone could’ve too. Am I saying Pop Zeus sounds like Big Star meets The Ramones? I’ll answer the question with a question of my own in the next paragraph.

Did you know the better-by-the-day Burger Records just put out Pop Zeus’ excellent debut on cassette tape? That’s right. Cassette tape. (Ask your parents.) So you’re gonna want to get that excellent cassette tape and pop it in the dash of some burnout vehicle (a 1972 Dodge Dart is ideal) you find and haul home from the junkyard. It’ll be worth the cost and the effort when you hear this blasting as your rat tail blows in the wind.

(or you can just stream it below...but streaming is just not as fun...in any way)

Published April 2, 2013



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