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Portastatic started as the lo-fi solo project of Superchunk main man Mac McCaughan way back in 1994 (how he found the time to also run Merge Records we shall never know). But with the demise of his more famous band, and the release of his new band's best album yet, Portastatic has now safely taken center stage. These songs are just too good not to enjoy some time in the spotlight. Even old Superchunk band mate, Jim Wilbur, has gotten in on the action, joining the band to play bass.

Portastatic's latest album, Bright Ideas, (on Merge of course) is a pure, indie-rock pop delight. It is clear McCaughan's creative well is not even close to being dry. Portastatic, like Superchunk, play peppy, bouncy songs that make you feel good when you put them on. Guitars and keyboards lead the warm and fuzzy charge, while Mac's unmistakable voice lets you pretend, if only for 40-some minutes, that it's 1995 again. Their live show should be a love fest.
Published October 4, 2005



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