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Photo By: Rachel Epstein

Written by Patrick McNamara

Chapel Hill’s Porter Robinson is 22 years strong and he’s making some euphoric 8-bit-ish dance music that’s interesting enough for the alts and accessible enough for the masses.

Let’s compare his work to the works of other bands. Because everybody always appreciates that. Especially the artists themselves. And since I just want to make everybody happy when I write these things for my music blob, think Baths meets Anamanaguchi meets Passion Pit meets M83*. Yeah, girl. He went there.

(*All four of those band profiles are mega years old - please pay no attention to them. Oh My Rockness: not updating band profiles since 2004.)

Robinson’s debut full-length album “Worlds” is really good. And as of this writing, it comes out tomorrow (August 12th in the Year of The Alt). So how do I know it’s really good if it’s not even out yet? I’ll never tell. But let’s just say I’m not exactly from your dimension. Well, I am. But I’m not. It has to do with a leak in the space time continuum and it’s all really rather boring how I got to flying through the tubes so I’ll spare you the details.

One thing I can say though. Everybody in the future loves Porter Robinson. His music is what future civilizations are built upon.

Here is a standout track from that album (it's not my favorite - but I couldn't find that one - oh well - I'm not used to such primitive limits on music technology - things are different in the future). You should listen to it. But it really doesn’t matter. Porter Robinson is going to be huge no matter what you do.

And just for everyone’s own shits and giggles, let’s go ahead and post this Amanaguchi remix too. Because it’s really good. Not because it helps at least partially support my grand and bold “Porter Robinson sounds like these other bands” statement in the first paragraph of this dynamic band profile. That thought never even crossed my mind.

I just want everybody to be happy.

Published August 10, 2014



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