(([Post-Foetus])) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

This world is often ugly. So it's nice to come across a band that focuses a bit on the beauty. And to do so without sounding cheesy, well, our hat goes off to [Post-foetus]. [Post-foetus] is the long-running art-pop project (What exactly is art-pop? Don't know, but we know it when we hear it) of a very prolific and talented guy named Will Wiesenfeld.

We don't even want to know how many recordings he has under his belt, or maybe should we say "under his dirty laundry" since most of this stuff he plays, sings, and records at home. But he's done a lot! And after several years of making exquisitely drone-y, lo-fi ambient wonderment with synths and strings and stuff, it's high time for this guy to break out beyond his bedroom and Los Angeles' borders (hopefully not directly west though).

His music reminds me of what the buzzy electro-popster Deastro is doing (he's another one of our favorites). On stage, Wiesenfeld collects a steady stream of revolving players to bring this grand pop vision to life -- one of [Post-foetus] current players is Luke Silas who also plays in Anamanaguchi (yet another one of our favorites!).

The live show is all very big and bold. When it comes down to it, the songs old Wiesenfeld creates are just really pretty. And their original arrangements and orchestration don't aim for the lowest common denominator, either. So maybe that's what art-pop is.
Published July 16, 2009



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