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Power Animal is a rapidly expanding collective from Philadelphia. The band started out as just one guy, Keith Hampson, who was sixteen at the time he decided to get his Power Animal on. And now just a few years later, there are seven members in this band. Who knows, by the time I finish this sentence there may even be eight members. Nope, still seven.

Power Animal employs a TON of different instruments in their inventive repertoire. Many of the instruments used to succinct effect are idiophones (*an idiophone is any musical instrument which creates sound primarily by way of the instrument vibrating itself, without the use of strings or membranes... thanks Wikipedia!). But Power Animal likes their strings too. There are tons of pretty violin and cellos parts going on around all the rock. Banjos and gadget things, too!

Yeah, I wouldn't even know who to compare Power Animal to. So just think these few things: (1) Power Animal are pretty damn melodic, (2) they're not a verse-chorus-verse band, (3) and just because they're a collective with strings and things doesn't mean they have to sound like Broken Social Scene, (4) oh, and they definitely don't sound like Prince, and (5) What? Prince?

So check Power Animal out if you want to listen to something that sounds creative and ambitious and can also rock out too.
Published March 17, 2010



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