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Austin's Pure X (formerly known as Pure Ecstasy) are a prolific band that plays slow music that's easy and breezy. And if someone said "Did you know that Pure X writes all their songs underwater... it's true!" you would believe them for a minute or two before dismissing this as myth (after they couldn't fully answer your "But how could they breathe?" query).

But this does sound like underwater music to me. Or perhaps this is music to listen to while lounging around above the water. I don't know. But I know water plays a part in all this. I just know it.

As mentioned before the water threw me off track, Pure X's songs are just kind of chill and gaze-y. When I take my time listening to these tracks, I have an urge to lean on back, look up at the sky, and slowly form a smile while I think about absolutely nothing at all. Does that make sense? It will when you turn on Pure X. I just know it will.

For fans of Real Estate and Puro Instinct and a little Jesus and Mary Chain too. They also say Bukowski is an influence. So that settles it. I'll love them for nothing but that. Last Night of the Earth Poems... heaven in paper form.
Published June 29, 2011



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