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Seattle's Pwrfl Power is one man, Kazutaka Nomura, and his spotless electric guitar. He composes simple songs that, for lack of a better term, are precious. They have titles like "Coffee Girl Song" and "Chopstix Song" and "Peach Song." You get it.

In a tender voice that literally cracks with a boyish earnestness, Nomura skillfully picks and softly strums his way into your musical heart. Now I can just hear you saying that all this sounds grating. Yet in this case, it's sort of hard to resist a guy who so sweetly sings the stuff of his diary to you.

Mostly, resistance is hard because Nomura can't really sing all that well. It's not that he can't hold a tune, he just doesn't sound polished. And sometimes, a few wrinkles are just what you want in song. However, whatever he may lack in vocal training, he more than makes up for with his guitar technique. The kid can play.

Pwrfl Power reminds me a lot of those first couple Palace (Will Oldham) records. It's simple, it's honest, and it's just nice. And to preempt some of you anonymous music blog commenters out there; relax. A dose of nice might do you some good.
Published August 28, 2008



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