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Nobody rocks spazz-pop better than D.C.'s Q and Not U. Catchier than most bands on the Dischord roster, these guys thrive on off-kilter minor-key melodies, technical wizardry and vocal node-scarring noise. If you had to compare them to their other labelmates, think Fugazi meets Black Eyes. However, bands like the mighty Drive Like Jehu and Les Savy Fav can also be heard within the roar of their infectious angular hooks.

Q and Not U's debut album, 2000's No Kill No Beep Beep, is still one of my favorite album titles of all time. But the band reaches their full potential on the more realized follow-up, 2002's Different Damage. This album should come with a warning label: listen on repeat at your own risk; aggressive happiness may result. Like, it'll make you so into life you'll ask your best friend to punch you as hard as he/she can. And then he/she does it and you go, "Ouch!", but then you both laugh and laugh. These are the times inspired by Q and Not U. They promote joyful danger.

But when you go to their show (and you WILL go), be careful that this twisted happiness doesn't get out of hand. It's cool to be into the music, but it's also cool to respect your laid-back neighbors who rock out in their own way. So don't pull a Karl Malone, watch those flying elbows and, most importantly, enjoy the show.
Published February 16, 2006



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