((Raleigh Moncrief)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

You may not know this guy by name (yet). But you probably know Raleigh Moncrief's body of work. Most notably, he co-produced Dirty Projectors' critically acclaimed album "Bitte Orca" (let's face it; the production pretty much made that album), he's a frequent collaborator with Zach Hill (one of the greatest living drummers), he was a touring member of Marnie Stern's crew, and he recently worked with breakout star Youth Lagoon.

And now he's begun playing under his own name, and let me tell you... people will forget about what he's worked on in the past because they'll be too busy marveling at the soulful "Alt 'n B" ethereal electro beats this guy is making in the present. Think dream-pop meets hip-hop meets some glitches and clicks, and all that layered in lushness. It's great stuff.

Anticon is putting out his debut. Grab that. Raleigh Moncrief is also playing the Oh My Rockness presented show @ The El Rey Theatre in LA on 12/17/11 with label mate Baths (love Baths) + the mighty DNTEL. This information will be useless to you from 12/18/11 till forever, but we couldn't help but mention it. We're proud to be associated (in whatever small way) with a guy as talented as this.

Published December 14, 2011



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