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Written by Patrick McNamara

With a name like Rat Fist they gotta be good!

Rat Fist are a fuzzy scuzzy sludgy thrash duo that want to mix it up with you and melt your face. And you’ll let ‘em too. “Thank you, Rat Fist, may I have another!” is what you’d say... if you still had a face. The two dudes behind this most beautiful noise are L.A.’s No Age’s Randy Randall and Philadelphia’s Pissed Jean’s drummer Sean McGuinness (live, they are four to destroy you more).

This band rules so hard, even living 3,000 miles away from each other can’t contain their slay-age. Randall and Sean should watch out though. This long distance back and forth is exactly how the duo The Postal Service started. So if they aren’t careful, Rat Fist will be playing massive arenas soon. Ha! JK! As if! Yoinks! Don’t go there! Talk to the hand! TMI! No but let’s say we did!

No, Sir. These longtime friends make music meant to disturb the shadows of dank basements. This will never go big time. And I’m guessing that’s just fine with Rat Fist. The world of the mains can't handle this, son. The guitars squeal and crush. The drums bring the booms of death. And the vocals growl for all they’ve lost. It’s loud. It’s heavy. It’s fast. And it shreds like only a violent rodent can.

As of this writing (12:26 PM) Rat Fist are currently on their first tour. You should go see them. And I should mind my own business. Below is a song for your streaming pleasure. It’s called “Disrupt yr DNA” and if you play it loud enough, it will do exactly that. I think I know what I am talking about. Before I wrote about emerging alt buzz bands for my muzik blob, I was a respected molecular biologist. Man, those days are so long gone it's almost as if I never lived them.

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Published June 23, 2014



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