((Reptar)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Reptar is a band that makes something that can only be described as giddy-pop. For this music is... wait. Hold on. Let's back up a second. Of COURSE there are other ways of describing Reptar's music. "Can only be described" is an often used music writer's trick to make their words and opinions seem definitive. And, of course, nothing is definitive except that nothing is definite.

So let me try again: Reptar is a band that makes something that CAN be described as giddy-pop (better Rockness... better). This is music made by individuals who appear to be happy. For further proof of their good vibes, you can look to the fact that Reptar the band was named after keyboardist/founder William Kennedy's tricked out bike. His bike, guys... his bike.

Anyway, not only are these four guys from Athens, Georgia optimistic, they're also slightly odd. So this type of squiggly rock with plenty o' synths (i.e. "eccentro-pop") is what gets them compared to Devo and Talking Heads and MGMT. I hear some Vampire Weekend, too. This can ONLY be described as Vampire Weekend inspired, guys. ONLY.

Reptar recently toured with Foster the People. I really try not to talk trash about bands I don't like ("if you can't say something nice..."), but Foster the People is really terrible. But Reptar is not. So don't let that tour bring you down. Because Reptar gets you lifted.

Published March 29, 2012



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