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Written by Patrick McNamara

Roses are three dudes from LA (smooth singing keyboard man Marc + bouncy bassist Victor + delightful guitarist Juan from Abe Vigoda*...the band...not the actor who is impossibly still alive...according to Wikipedia...and that site has never lied to me yet) that would like to play some sweet songs for you. And it's in your best interest to let them. Open your heart. Sure. You might get hurt again someday. But that's life. So live, goddamn it. Live!

The band make swirly sunny pretty pop made possible by twinkly guitars and a good natured beat machine. It's all very pleasant and forever chill. I’m also now going to take the unusual step of saying Roses is blissful too. I realize one doesn’t throw out a word like blissful every day. Pleasant and chill, sure. But blissful? You better mean it, man. And in the case of Roses, I do believe they deserve that beauty bomb. So help me blob.

The band are releasing their debut EP to the greater world on August 5th (the year is 2014 for all Rockness readers from the future who have just joined us from the comfort of their digital intra pods) on Group Tightener (straight outta Greenpoint) and the following song, “It’s Over,” is on it.

Now, a jam about a breakup and a broken heart shouldn’t put you in a better mood. Yet this one does. Maybe it’s because the dude has seemingly come to terms with his lost love. It makes me feel less guilty about wanting to sing his pain in my shower. “Oh well. What are you gonna do. Everybody’s got their bag of rocks.” That’s not an actual line from the song. But it could be. And I hope you remember that, man.

Go ahead and stream this blissful pop stunner now. You're gonna like its flow.

*please pay no attention to that 7 year old Abe Vigoda band profile - it was a different era - I've grown up - seen some things - just like old Abe Vigoda - who is totally 100% probably not dead.

Published July 21, 2014



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