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Written by Patrick McNamara

West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid are four dudes (vocalist/guitarist Jordan Hudkins + guitarist Adam Meisterhans + bassist Devin Donnelly + drummer Sean Halock) who make fuzzy power rock with plenty of hooks that sludge up memories of bands who shredded best in the ‘90s. Think Swervedriver, Hum, Chavez, Archers of Loaf, Sebadoh (but poppier) and then stop thinking of the past so much and forget about what is yet to come because the future is now.

The band has been slaying hearts for awhile now and they're not just going to sit back, relax, and wait for you to discover them. It takes hustle - it takes heart. Rozwell Kid have already released two full length albums and as of this writing (11:36 AM in the Year of The Present) they just released their third. It’s called “Too Shabby” and it’s completely catchy and crunchy and just really damn good. I have taken the liberty of posting the entire thing for you below. You can thank me in the comments section Oh My Rockness has never had. But perhaps your appreciation is best directed at Rozwell Kid. They're the ones that made it. I just copied and pasted it.

In support of that fine album, the band is out and about and playing a bunch of shows. You should go see them. And I should mind my own business. Anyway, I'm real glad we had this talk, guys. It's always fun to spend a few moments reflecting upon the goodness.

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Published December 22, 2014



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