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Rush Midnight is the electronic dance pop project of Brooklyn DJ/producer/remixer Russ Manning. You may have seem him on the stage the past couple of years as Twin Shadow's bass player or DJing the parties that I wasn't invited to (c'est la vie).

As Rush Midnight (like Twin Shadow's George Lewis) this guy gets things pretty damn groovy. Deee-lite wasn't the only one who knew that groove was in the heart, don't you know. This is bright and sexy and slinky dance music that's definitely inspired by that opulent club era when disco of the late '70s met the smaller sounding pop of the early '80s.

Maybe think of this as kind of like a more soulful Bananarama but with better beats. But that's not quite right on the mark, though. How about early Madonna meets Tron meets Delorean? That's closer, yet somehow farther away.

You know what, don't think. Just dance. That's all Rush Midnight seems to want from me and you. Don't. Think. Just. Dance.

(File Rush Midnight Under These Other Bands That Sort of Could be Comparisons But Not Totally And Oh Well At Least They're Good Bands: Chad Valley + Selebrities + Passion Pit + Blondes + Splash + Pictureplane + Diamond Rings + and THE SUNSHINE GROOVE ------ they're not a band and that's not a genre: THE SUNSHINE GROOVE is a feeling, man. It's a Rush Midnight kind of feeling.)

Published August 23, 2012



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