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Written by Patrick McNamara

SadGirl is a lo-fi / garage / psych / post spaghetti western / surf band from Los Angeles.

Got all that stuff I just made up? Cool. Now forget labels and just get into them. They're good!

Since forming sometime circa 2014 A.D. the band of three (Misha on guitar/vocals / Dakota on bass / Paul on drums) has worked hella hard, playing a bunch of shows (with a bunch of good bands like Sunflower Bean, Shannon & the Clams, The Drums & Best Coast to name but a few) and getting super tight, basically.

SadGirl made our “Hardest-Working Los Angeles Bands of 2015" list and considering we've listed like twenty shows for them on OMR LA this year (and we've still got a month to go, yo) they're a near lock to make it again in 2016 A.D. Stay tuned!

The band (reminder: they're good!) released several treats of audible goodness over their relatively short time in musical existence and you can start loving them here whenever you're ready.

Below is SadGirl's latest EP.

Maybe just start with that.

Please note: works best if you blast it.

Published November 28, 2016



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