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London's Savages are a four-piece post-punk band comprised of females (why say all-girl group? we don't say Joy Division was an all-dude group, do we? THINK ABOUT IT).

They were also one of those "buzzy" bands to come out of CMJ 2012. A wise person once said: like sands through the hourglass, so are...the buzzy music festival bands like...err...dust in..the ocean...or something. A different and more succinct wise person once said: Glory Fades. So let's all be careful to not get caught up in the hype of the buzz.

But this band is worth talking about because Savages are really good live. I know. I was there. At 3pm. Drinking well rum. Because it was free. Savages threw around lots of those solid, post-punk stabby jabby guitars (i can say 'stabby jabby' if I want) that make me want to artfully destroy something.

There were all those good bass thumps that sometimes sound like a heartbeat on heroin. And there was all that reverb too. Oh yes. There was lots and lots of reverb. There was also lots of confidence - particularly from frontwoman Jehnny Beth. She can yelp and swagger with the best of them and I will follow her wherever she made lead me.

Savages aren't exactly creating a sound you've never heard before. We've certainly heard this sound before. Not just back in 1981. But in 2001 too. It's 2012 now. And the sound is still here. It's called post-punk. But it's probably post-post-punk by now. But hey, at least it's a good sound.

Will Savages ride this hype train until they're upgraded to a buzzy private jet - I don't know. Give me some time to think about it. CMJ just ended and I hit it pretty hard this year. But at least I was out there hitting it hard for you, guys. For YOU.

Published October 24, 2012



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