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Written by Patrick McNamara

I honestly don’t care what ScotDrakula sound like because this band have already won my heart now and forever with that name. ScotDrakula is one of the best band names I have ever heard of or seen. Ziggy says there is a 100% chance this band is going to rule and NBD but this might even be that band finally gets you home, Sam, I mean, man.

Since I wrote that last paragraph I’ve spent a great deal of time familiarizing myself with ScotDrakula’s work. Because they have the best band name in the world. I don’t even remember writing what I said above, that’s how long I've been socializing with these guys (not in real life i wish). And of course I was totally right. ScotDrakula rule.

This is sweet fuzzed out jingle-jangle for humans who like sweet fuzzed out jingle-jangle, of which I am one. The Melbourne trio is led by singer/guitarist Matt Neumann. And all that dude wants to do is play dirty fun rock ‘n roll all night long for you, brother. Let’s jingle. Let’s jangle. Let’s get sloppy. Let’s get sunny. Whatever, man. Let’s just chill!

ScotDrakula (yesssssss) has released a bunch of stuff on the World Wide Intrasphere. Please familiarize yourself. Most recently, (October 27, 2014 A.D.) the band put out an excellent two track party BONGER. Do you want to hear it? C’mon. I know you do. Let’s do it. And seeing as how we’ve come this far, if we’re going to play it, we might as well just blast it, right? A-OK, amigo. Can do.

ScotDrakula. ScotFuckingDrakula. Swoosh. Crack. Boom. Check to the Mate.

Published November 3, 2014



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