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I’ve been meaning to write about Sea Lions for a while. Because I like good, easy going indie pop. Because I'm a normal human being. So I don't know why I delayed in telling you about this fine band sooner.

(I'm trying to think of what I was doing during all that time I was not writing about these guys. My hunch is that I was probably watching "Frasier" on Lifetime... but my gut sadly says I was probably watching another rousing game of Plinko on "The Price is Right." Daytime television. You can't stop it. You can only hope to contain it.)

These Sea Lions lads are not British. So I don't know why I just called them lads. They're from Oxnard, California. And they're part of that wonderful family of Slumberland bands (The Pains, Girls Names, Terry Malts and just a bunch - I can't name everyone good on that label - too overwhelming).

Slumberland House Rules: #1 there must be jingle and #2 there must be jangle. And yes. True to form. Sea Lions have good jingle. Sea Lions have good jangle. And thus, Sea Lions make good indiepop. That's it. You've got it now.

You will like this band if you like good mellow, easygoing indiepop. And if you don't like good mellow, easygoing indiepop - what's that like? Being a monster.

Published April 10, 2013



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