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First things first. There are two bands from Scandinavia named Shining, which can be confusing to say the least. One is a black metal band whose singer is named Kvarforth. We're all for black metal and one-named singers, but that is not the Shining band we're writing about here. The Shining we're writing about is Oslo's exceptional experimental band that blends post-rock with jazz and psych to create something that has drawn comparisons to The Mars Volta, John Coltrane, and Slayer. Sweet! The Shining band we're writing about is also the one that made the critically acclaimed album, In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will Be A Monster.

This strangely cinematic band full of modern musical composers explore all sorts of tuneful terrains when the play, and their melodies often sail far outside the scope of traditional "indie rock." Yet their songs always build (often very dramatically) to some sort of logical conclusion that is highly-satisfying to an "average" listener. So Shining is experimental, but easily accessible. On stage, they often employ three bass players in addition to their four regular studio members to make an explosion of surround-sound that will blow your mind.
Published January 23, 2008



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