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For some reason I still think of Shipping News as a new band even though they've been around for close to 10 years. Perhaps it's because in my mind they will always be a side-project. Jeff Mueller put out some of my favorite music of the mid-90s. First was Rodan, who were part of the holy trinity of early-90s Louisville indie kings (with Slint and Will Oldham). Then there was June of 44, who were part of the holy trinity of mid-90s Chicago indie kings (with Shellac and Tortoise). Around the time of June of 44's impending decline (what was up with Anahata??), Shipping News started up.

Mueller and his Rodan boy, Jason Noble, headed up the operation of trying to maintain their past excellence without trying to copy it. And they've been successful. While The Shipping News are probably my least favorite of Mueller's three bands, they're still better than a lot of "good" bands. These days, Shipping News' melodies in general are more subdued and less in your face. But every once in a while, they'll whip out that "driving aggression" sound that made Rodan and early June of 44 famous. And occasionally, Mueller will still let out that wail that causes blood vessels to bust. And in those moments you swear it's 1994 again.
Published March 8, 2005



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