((Shit Robot)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Get it. Let's get it. Let's get electro. Shit Robot is DJ Marcus Lambkin. He flies around between NYC and Germany (and maybe even Dublin) making the big time beats with some turntables and a few other plugged-in machines.

Lambkin's also an old bro and DFA pal of James "LCD" Murphy. I say that not because it matters who his friends are, but because his friend happens to rock the same type of thumps that Shit Robot does. This is pretty epic electro with tons of those huge booms and the synth-y beats.

It's not shit, that's for sure. It does kind of sound like a robot though. And it ranks right up there with the best modern dance music (whatever the hell THAT means) you'll hear.

Shit Robot will appeal to fans of Back to the Future, chicken burritos, Derrick Rose, and long distance running. Oh wait, those are just things that appeal to me, a fan of Shit Robot. So I messed up the logic there somewhere. ("It's always about you, Profiler. It's alllllways about you.")
Published April 6, 2011



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