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I don't know too much about Silver Hands. I've only heard three songs and haven't seen them live yet. Hey, I'm just being straight up, guys. Don't judge me. It's not like you know them either! So thee who casts the first finger shall point thee digit back at theeself... or whatever.

So while I didn't do the intense, hard hitting research I normally do like pore over a band's Wikipedia page and take copious notes from their dormant MySpace, I still know a FEW things. I know they are a duo. That means there are two. I know one is a dude. And one is a lady. Now we're getting somewhere. I know Silver Hands are from San Francisco. I mean, Los Angeles. I mean, San Francisco/Los Angeles (seriously, that's how they were listed on this thing).

Now we're regressing in our knowledge. But perhaps most importantly, I know those three songs I've heard are chilled out, sun-filled electronic dance jams that are like if Beach House was in a better mood. Sounds awesome, yes? So that's knowing something at least.

Listen to this Silver Hands song below. Then find their other two songs (hint: SoundCloud). And then you'll also know you want to know more. Just like me. Unless you don't like Silver Hands. In that case, go know something else and stop wasting time here. There are plenty of new bands in the sea for you.

Published October 3, 2012



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