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Simian Ghost has nothing to do with Simian Mobile Disco nor the 34,251,342 other Ghost bands out there. Just wanted to clear that up from the get go, yo. Simian Ghost is from Sweden and it used to be just one guy (singer/guitarist/original drummer Sebastian Arnstrom) but now this is three guys and, thus, a band.

So yeah, this is breezy synthy pop that is likeable and accessible. Is that still called chillwave? I don't know, but imagine if Sigur Ros were more laid back dudes and not so convinced they were angels and that's kind of Simian Ghost's sound. Not a bad sound, to be sure.

This pop won't go and get all crazy on you. But it will make your day just a little bit brighter, perhaps. After all, Sweden is the land of endless sun (for two months maybe... then the brightness/Sweden analogy falls apart during all those Scandinavian months of crushing cold and impenetrable darkness).

Oh yeah, Arnstom has a really nice voice that often goes for the falsetto. So who knows, maybe he too thinks he's an angel. Oh well. It's better than thinking he's a surfer.

Lovelorn by Simian Ghost
Published September 7, 2011



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