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You know Rockness likes the clean guitar jingle jangle almost as much as we like referring to ourselves in the 3rd person (or should we say 3rd website, because we're not even real!). And NYC's (by way of Florida) Ski Lodge (led by Andrew Marr of the Clementines) plays some sweet, sweet clean guitar jingle jangle.

This isn't sugar pop, per se. This is better than sugar! What would that even be? This is, like, chicken burrito pop! I'm a big chicken burrito fan, so perhaps this is the ultimate band compliment I can make?

Ski Lodge's songs tend to be short and happy and deceivingly simple. But of course they're really not simple at all, because if making super catchy pop like this were so simple then everyone would be doing it. Well, everyone DOES do it. But few do it well. This band definitely does it well.

You can check out Ski Lodge's EP out on the excellent Dovecote label (who has a roster full of other OMR favorites like Hooray for Earth, Wise Blood and Evan Voytas).

You might like Ski Lodge guys if you like some other jingle jangle bands we like: Sea Monsters, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Gardens and Villa, Brown Recluse and, well, any band that rocks that clean guitar jingle jangle. Rockness loves us some clean guitar jingle jangle.

A Game by Ski Lodge
Published September 21, 2011



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