((Sleepy Sun)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

San Francisco's Sleepy Sound rocks that deep, guttural guitar sound. You know, the sound that sometimes sounds real sludgy and often really groovy and sometimes even kind of punishing. The musical register is all very LOW.

But forget all those adjectives. Sleepy Sound also just sort of sounds like your classic stoner rock band (sorry, you're supposed to say "psych" instead of "stoner" these days, I think). When they get rolling (and it takes a few minutes), Sleepy Sun spin off some pretty epic jam-outs with lots of crazy guitar solos, intense feedback, and some sultry vocals (especially when Rachel Williams sings). It all helps to take you higher, baby. Oh, yeah.

You know who Sleepy Sun kind of remind me of? Wolfmother. But less Led Zeppelin-y metal than Wolfmother. Sleepy Sun are more stoner-y... sorry... make that "psych-y." Maybe more like Dead Meadow then.

As of this writing, the band is on a big long tour (with Autolux) so see them when they inevitably cruise into a city near you. Whether or not you bring the wacky tobaccy is up to you. But I'm certainly not going to condone that kind of behavior. After all, the bud turns normal teenagers into wild laughing hyenas.

Published August 12, 2009



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