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Written by Patrick McNamara

Boston’s Sneeze are a good fuzzy sludgy crunchy pop band for people who like fuzzy sludgy crunchy pop bands, myself being one. These three dudes (Derek! Julian! Danny!) shred it good. Bury me under these guitars, please. I'll pay you for the shred when I'm dead.

OK. Let's get down to serious brass tacks. If you REALLY need some band comparisons to get you headed in the correct direction, I would say Sneeze sound like Squeeze meets Slint's "Tweez." Go ahead and say it out loud. You ain't never gonna get a better this-band-meets-that-band than that one, man.

No. I kid. I ain't mad at ya. Probably the thing to do in this situation would be to just listen to Sneeze and find out for yourself that they are indeed a good fuzzy sludgy crunchy pop band. “But how, Whoa My Blobness? How?” Don’t worry, dear Rockness reader. It’s easy with modern technology! Sneeze just released their second full-length, “Wilt,” on June 14th in the Year of the Crunch and you can stream it below in full. You don’t even have to swipe your credit card!

That about wraps it up. And wouldn't you know it? I almost got through this entire band profile without using the word grunge once. Not to mention Nirvana. I was pretty proud of myself and almost felt like a real music blob writer for a minute there. But then I had to go fuck everything up and write this last part where I mentioned both grunge and Nirvana. Twice. God. I’m always doing shit like that. Oh, well. At least Sneeze doesn't suck and I saved Latin. So I'm not sweating it either.

(Sneeze should really tour with You Blew It! - right? - because that works on multiple levels, yeah? - guys? hello? guys this isn’t funny I’m scared)

Published July 21, 2014



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