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Written by Patrick McNamara

NYC's So Hideous is a heavy heavy heavy band of four (Brandon = guitar/keys, Chris = voice/bass, Danny = drums, Etienne = guitar) making dramatic metal that's super brutal but also beautiful. Come for the shreds and shouts. Stay for the soaring melodies (these songs do originate as piano tunes, after all). Then pick up the puddle on the floor that is your FACE and get the hell out of there before you melt something more important... than your FACE.

The band has recently played shows with This Will Destroy You (click that if you're the type that likes reading band profiles that were written eight years ago) + East of the Wall (that one's five-years-old) and they should consider touring with Sannhet because I think that would be a good pairing but I'm no booker I just blob here.

Here's something timely you need to know, though. As of this writing (1:57 PM in the Year That I'm Writing This A.D.) So Hideous is set to release their new seven-song album “Laurestine" on Prosthetic Records. It's a concept album. Crazy shit happens. You can stream two tracks from that below if you've got fourteen minutes to kill and want to slay them in the best way possible. Works best if you blast it.

Oh yeah, for the new album they brought in a thirty-piece orchestra. Thirty members, man. Thirty! I told you this was dramatic.

This is Black Metal Ambient Post Orchestral Classical Hard Core and it will melt your FACE.

Published September 28, 2015



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