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Written by Patrick McNamara

Sorority Noise are a fuzzy popster punkster band straight outta Hartford that will put your ass in a better mood. Should your ass feel the need to adjust from its current maladjusted position, that is. If your ass is fine feeling grumpy and sad, your ass should just keep on feeling grumpy and sad. It's your ass's journey, man. But should your ass wanna get UP consider having your ass get into these guys.

Who are these guys? Great question. Well, until recently it was Cameron Boucher + Adam Ackerman + Kevin O'Donnell + Jason Rule. But K and J recently departed to shred for some other band (who are also good - maybe I'll write a profile on Queen Moo someday - when the fighting stops - JK - everybody's cool). Yet no matter who the players are, Sorority Noise soldiers and shreds on. Because Cam + Adam + _____ + _____ aren't ready to slow down the goodness train just yet. Its steam is just getting started, son.

There are lots of Sorority Noise releases floating around on the World Wide Streams. You might want to consider sampling the musical delights found in all. Please pay particular note to their most recent release on Bad Timing Records - a sublime four song split with Boston's Somos (one of my very favorite bands of 2014 - if you haven't heard “Temple of Plenty" yet, you need to - and I need to mind my own business - but really, you do). Oh. And on the split with Radiator Hospital they do a pretty perfect cover of Buddy Holly's “Everyday" - clearly one of the best pop songs ever written.

I'm going to let you find those on your own, though. Because I want to post Sorority Noise's full length that came out in May. I don't know. It just seems better this way. Will you do something for me? Play it from start to finish and then check in with your ass to see how your ass is feeling. I bet your ass's answer won't be "grumpy." Gassy, perhaps. But grumpy, definitely not.

Published October 20, 2014



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