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Special Explosion

Written by Patrick McNamara

Seattle’s Special Explosion make tightly melodic emotional goodness (god that’s a great opening) using two guitars, dueling male/female singers (don’t worry - it’s a friendly fight), one bass and some of those drums. Now, based on that information, if you were to guess that four people are in this band you’d be right! If from that you were to also guess their names are Lizzy and Andy and Sebastian and Jacob - GET THE HELL BACK - because you must be a spiritual sorcerer of some sort.

Anyway, this is a good band. So let’s say more about that. Special Explosion is a good band because when I listen to their songs I want to sing along. And I don’t even know all the words…..yet. But I will. I keep rewinding the parts of trickier phraseology and will continue to do so until I get them all exactly right. My work ethic is what makes me successful in the shower.

This is also a good band because when Special Explosion’s crunchy soaring guitars bend and climb and weave their way in search of answers, they always seem to find them. And always right when the chorus comes in. I love when that happens. And in those moments of euphoric melodic clarity, I want to give the person nearest me a hearty handshake and look them straight in the eye and say, “That’s the way it’s done, you old son of a gun.” This is sometimes awkward when I'm listening on my iPod at the market or wherever, but I don't care. Sometimes they do, though.

What’s also fun about Special Explosion is that the members (again, it’s Lizzy! Andy! Sebastian! Jacob!) all look about 14 years old*. NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT…..well, except not really knowing who you are yet and the massive insecurity and poor life choices that usually follow from that. But who cares if they’re young. Their songs go big. And that’s all that really matters, right? RIGHT! Special Explosion sound polished and real. Because they are polished and real. (god that’s a great ending.)

Sorry, parentheses person. I’m not quite done yet. In closing, listen to these six songs from an EP Special Explosion just released. I suggest you start with song number 1. A highly unorthodox move, to be sure. But just trust me on this one. Don’t trust me enough to fall back into my arms from a ladder while blindfolded or anything though.

(*oh i know they’re not really 14 years old - let’s just keep it chill and I hope everyone enjoyed this nice fun ride - toot! toot!)

But they DO look young, right?

Published January 6, 2014



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