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Stagnant Pools are two brothers from Bloomington, IN making broody and moody pop that rocks out rather nicely once it gets revved up. Singer/guitarist Brian Enas is 22. And Drummer Doug Enas is 20. Now that you know their names and ages, all we need now is their mother's maiden name and their respective social security numbers and we'll be good to go.

Anyway, Stagnant Pools use a lot of distortion over pretty melodies to make something that sounds a little like a harder edged Interpol perhaps. But I'm not even sure that's right. I guess I just wanted to say that because Interpol was moody. But so were The Moody Blues. Why didn't I say them? Actually, come to think of it... The Moody Blues weren't moody AT ALL. What a fake name.

As you can probably tell by my meandering and changing of topics, it's hard to express the right words to get you to check out Stagnant Pools. But I guarantee if you give them a chance, they'll immediately sound familiar to you... in the good way... familiar like coming home.

So maybe let's leave it at that. Stagnant Pools sound like coming home. (I'm so sorry guys; I failed you on this one... I failed you. But Stagnant Pools are a GOOD band. Honest!)

Published March 13, 2012



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