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Louie Banks
Starsmith is Londoner Fin Dow-Smith. He's a straight-up master beat maker. He started as a production whiz kid and master remixer (some girl Lady Gaga, some girl named Katy perry, some dudes named N.E.R.D.) and that got him some acclaim on both sides of The Pond. But the original electro club thumpers he's making now are good enough to put right up there with anyone else's jams. And the guy is only 23. Screw that guy.

Consider this music dance music for people who like dance music and for people who aren't sure if they like dance music. Starsmith's jams will take your ass off that fence and get you down and moving on that soft green grass that lies on the other side. You should go to his Soundcloud page and listen to both his own songs and these crazy good mixtapes he makes.

Tip: just play Starsmith at your next party and people will think you're like this super sick DJ who has all sorts of skills to pay the bills. You don't have to tell them Starsmith did all the work. Just nod and smile... nod and smile.

We Leave Tonight by Starsmith
Published August 3, 2011



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