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This is about a band called Stay Positive. They recently went by the name, Christian AIDS... huh, wonder why they decided to change that. And that's about all I know about Stay+. But don't blame me for not knowing a whole lot about them (don't even know how many people are in this band). Blame them. They are all cryptic and elusive and enigmatic. Good luck even finding a picture.

Anyway, all you really need to know is that this is another super solid band coming out of Manchester (a city that has brought you legends, and recently brought you WU LYF) that creates haunting, and often completely captivating, electro-rave.

This isn't electro for your regular pumped-up club kid either. It's for the dangerous. A few too many listens of Stay + and I was left feeling shaken and stirred and scared. OK, I wasn't that scared. But this band's devilish synths and menacing witchy beats constantly on repeat did make me want to throw a huge haunted house dance party for all of my enemies. And when I think of the mess I'd have to clean up in the morning, it DOES leave me scared.

So listen to Stay + at your own risk, however the only real risk is finding a new band to like, so... grain of salt... grain of salt.

Published August 17, 2011



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