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Written by Patrick McNamara

Boston's Steep Leans is the solid post _____ pop project of Gray Somers. It's a one guy thing at home (or whatever room he records these jams in) but live, he rolls with bandmates Chris Balzotti + Cory Jackson + Chris Eddleston. Let's keep talking.

In order to give you something more to go on then just post _________ pop before you decide if Steep Leans might be a good new band for you, I will now try to help better guide you down this musical goodness path. You'd do this kindness for me too, I'm sure. Take a dose of psych and throw it in a pot. Got that? Now add a dash of reverb, throw in a hint of jingle and a splash of jangle and you just might be well on your way to the promised land, man.

As I write this (11:34 AM in the Year That I Write This A.D.) Steep Leans is on tour with Wavves and Twin Peaks. I like those two bands. You probably do too. Speaking of Wavves, Steep Lean's debut album “Grips On Heat" is out now on Ghost Ramp (that label also recently put out that Wavves X Cloud Nothings album and that's a good album) and you should totally think about buying it. While you're deciding, you can totally stream the whole thing now if you want. I found it on the Internet for you.

But before you do, remember when I said Steep Leans is touring with Wavves and Twin Peaks? Well, when that tour hits Irving Plaza I'm totally going because we're presenting it. I know super specific information is going to make this band profile outdated pretty immediately after 10/6 (that's when the show is, you know, the real good one we're presenting, NBD) but I don't care maybe I'll just update this portion of it someday or maybe I'll just keep this copy in forever because this is my music blob.

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Published September 28, 2015



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