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Image: Patrick Houdek

Written by Patrick McNamara

Berkeley’s Street Eaters are a dude/lady sludge punk pop duo that shred it good. Drummer/singer Megan March and guitarist/singer John No rip through ferocious (though somehow surprisingly signable) jams made straight from their Blood and Muscles and Bones. Which is a total coincidence. Because “Blood::Muscles::Bones” is also the name of their new album. Spooky shit, man.

This would be a good band to mix it up with. And not the fisticuff kind. I’m not talking knuckles when I say, “Street Eaters got me with some good hooks.” This is rowdy, gutsy, and super fun to get blasted with. It’s non-combative aggression, baby. Because we’re all in this together, brother. Life is short. We only go around once. So let’s turn it up and kick out the jams until then.

Remember when I was talking about “Blood::Muscles::Bones” two paragraphs prior? If you skimmed and didn’t read that part and only happened to catch this paragraph for some weird reason - good news - the dynamic content is still up there. And since then, I’ve taken the liberty of sourcing the entire album for your streaming pleasure below. I had to Google it and copy/paste the embed code and that process certainly doesn’t take mere seconds, so the least you could do would be to play it. Please do so loudly. For me. For Street Eaters. For your country.

One world. One love. Imagine. Hope. Punk. Rock.

Published July 7, 2014



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