((Stuyedeyed)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Written by Patrick McNamara

Congrats to Stuyedeyed for having one of the most difficult band names for me to spell in the history of doing this DIY blob.

Punk. Rock.

This band is real good, though! Maybe this is partially because they play out a ton (the other part is talent, probably).

We've listed over 30 NYC area shows for Stuyedeyed (I'm getting the hang of it now) this year alone (most recently, they opened for Jeff the Brotherhood) and we've still got a good number of dark days to make it through. That's a lot of shows!

(A future "Hardest-Working Band" perhaps?)

But you know what they say -- practice practice practice makes u slay slay slay.

Think heavy psych rock (and don't forget the punk rock) meets your wildest most blown out dreams and I think you might be thinking it's high time you got into Stuyedeyed (what you do is you do “Stuy" like “Bed-Stuy" and then “ed" like the horse and then “eyed" like my brown-eyed girl.

On their bandcamp page, the band also adds this helpful tidbit for pronunciation purposes: “Stuyedeyed is tie-dyed with an S up front."

Now we all know how to spell it AND say it. Sick!

Enjoy blasting this good Stuyedeyed song now.

And then go see them play live.

You'll be into it.

So help me blob.

Published October 24, 2016



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