((Suckers)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Victoria Jacob
Brooklyn's Suckers are a bright new pop band that makes music that reflects the pleasant, easy-going side of life. We can't decide if these guys make me want to go surf, pitch a tent in the dirt of my pretend backyard, or create some sick slow motion home videos of rabbits wrestling. Maybe we'll do all three. The options for merriment are endless with Suckers.

And seriously, how can you not give off seriously happy vibes when you have a horn player in your Brooklyn rock band? (Actually, oops, horns can be deeply depressing as hell - but not here).

There's definitely a bit of magic, and a bit of wonder, going on in this richly harmonious instrumentation, but Suckers music is a little too in-your-face melodic to casually lump them in with those other "dream-pop" bands like Animal Collective and their followers. But since we just referenced Animal Collective by not referencing them, maybe it is us who are the careless ones.

You will be hearing about these guys a lot in the next few months. Oh, and we almost forgot the line - they don't SUCK.
Published May 28, 2009



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