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Written by Patrick McNamara

Summer Moon's members = Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes) + Stephen Perkins (Jane's Addiction) + Camila Grey (Uh Huh Her) + Noah Harmon (Airborne Toxic Event).

Though only recently formed (one of the band's first shows this blob recalls was at SXSW 2015), Summer Moon are already playing some pretty big time shows and if you're into your friendly local music blob being super specific about things, basically the big time show this blob is thinking of is they're opening spot for Father John Misty this summer in Central Park, a conveniently located public play space on the Isle of Manna-hata or "island of many hills" as translated from the Lenape language. But just so you know, such specific sentiments come with a price as their use will almost immediately make this band profile (one I never plan on updating because I never do) outdated. Oh well. All future Rockness readers who pass this page shall forever consider it a quirky time capsule to a delightful digital hour that once was.

But enough words. What did words ever do for rock 'n roll, anyway. This blob just sourced Summer Moon's brand new debut song (relative to the time you're reading this) from the World Wide Intrasphere for your streaming pleasure because this blob is a sweetheart. The song is called “Happenin'" and you're going to like it because it's super smooth and it's a HIT. Give it a blast and let's dance.

File Under: It happened in a mall.

RIYL: We got to let it go.

*I've told you my pet peeve about when someone describes a supergroup, they almost always thrown in the line “of sorts," right? In this case, “Summer Moon is a supergroup of sorts…" Believe me. You start looking for “of sorts" after supergroup - you're gonna start seeing it. Not on THIS blob.

Published June 1, 2015



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