((Superhumanoids)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

L.A.'s Superhumanoids are kind of a quirky and eclectic band. They play super glossy pop that sounds very sunny and VERY polished. But underneath all the slick veneer, they'll sometimes slip in some nice electro art-y madness on you. One minute, you think you're listening to a standard radio track. And then BOOM. It shifts to something more interesting. The band's diverse plans for their pop attack work together nicely.

Their music is at its best when it strays from that radio friendly fare. And I particularly appreciate part-time singer Sarah Chernoff's vocals. It's her breezy voice, along with the crazy synth twiddles, that helps carry these melodies to those far-out ethereal territories. Sure, I want to pop out to snappy choruses, but let me float a bit in far off lands too. You know?

Superhumanoids have received comparisons to everyone from The Smiths and Talking Heads to The Beach Boys and The Strokes(?). And to reiterate, this sound is definitely polished and definitely well-produced (like so many other Southern California bands hell-bent on the gloss). So that, coupled with their catchiness, could lead Superhumanoids to become huge like those aforementioned super groups. Or not. Guess we;ll find out soon enough!
Published February 2, 2011



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