((Supreme Cuts)) Band Profile and Upcoming Los Angeles Concerts - Oh My Rockness

Supreme Cuts is a Chicago production duo comprised of Austin Kjeultes and Mike Perry. Together, they mix and match and manipulate and blend (mostly) hip-hop beats over smooth, soulful samples to create darkly skittish and (mostly) down-tempo machine made jams.

If that description makes Supreme Cuts sound like they are some kind of goth-y dubstep crew, well, that's not how they see it. Supreme Cuts has said they make "future R & B." Sounds good to me since I hear some sounds that resemble creepy alien sex, I guess. But my ears are also telling me that Supreme Cuts will appeal to fans of dudes like Clams Casino and Gold Panda and Luke Abbott and Burial and Sepalcure.

But wait. Aren't all those guys kind of dubstep? What is dubstep anyway? Is that what Korn and Al Gore invented? Oh, who cares. All I really care about these days are the big time beats. And Supreme Cuts have lots of those.

Get excited for their debut full-length Whispers in the Dark on one of our favorite current labels, Dovecote Records. (By the way, how has no one named their band Supreme Cuts before these guys?)

Published May 16, 2012



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