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Brooklyn's Team Spirit are a fun times guitar band. Fun, fun times. They want to have fun so YOU can have some fun. Or, maybe they don’t care about you. Maybe they’re just selfish shredders and do it just to get their own ROX off (gonna start spelling “rocks” as ROX - it just feels right). Fun for them. Fun for us. Who cares. Good thing music is the only space on earth where intention doesn’t matter!

So let’s do this. Let’s describe this. You can think of Team Spirit as power surf rock (they have a song called “Fuck the Beach” but I bet they don’t mean it - because life’s a beach - oh yeah, and because they put “surf” as a genre tag on their own bandcamp page). Or, you can think of Team Spirit as something else. It’s not my band profile. It’s yours.

I think of them as power rock, though. But instead of glossy power pop, this leans towards the distorted and the fuzzies. It still sounds big, though. That’s the power. Wait. Maybe it’s the guitar solos that gives Team Spirit its power. No, it’s the multi-part harmonies. Yep. That it’s. That’s the power. (However, I’m a little dismayed I haven’t heard any handclaps. Maybe they’re saving that for their full-length. Handclaps unleash a whole new kind of power. A SUPERPOWER.)

Speaking of that full-length (the reference was encrypted in parentheses to keep away the NSA so maybe you missed it too), Team Spirit recently signed to Vice Records. Good for them. Vice is nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. And speaking of fun (we were, just a few short distracted lines ago), this band is that. Fun, that is. Fun is that which is thus and this.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to stop stalling and go outside and have some delightful summer fun. And yes. That includes the fucking* beach.

(*they’re on Vice - i was just trying to fit in by using that word - i apologize)

Published June 26, 2013



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