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Written by Patrick McNamara

In the ten years I’ve spent writing dynamic emerging buzzy alt band profiles for Whoa My Blobness, I do believe Teen Creeps are the first band I have ever written about from Belgium (but definitely not the first band with Teen in their name - no way - no how). Now, I can’t say this with absolute certainty unless I go back through a decade’s worth of my own old words and make sure Belgium isn't representing. And that’s something I’m certainly not going to do. Never. Ever. Forever. So let’s go ahead and call this little bit of trivia 100% fact.

Alright. Now that the fun is done. Let’s break down the musical goodness. Teen Creeps are a trio (Bert! Ramses! Joram!) from Ghent (that’s a city in - you guessed it - Belgium) that make crunchy fuzzy ‘90s inspired “indie rock.” Think maybe Dinosaur Jr meets Chavez meets Polvo meets Archers of Loaf meets Sebadoh meets, well, surely I’ve put you on the right track by now. If you like any of those old bands from indie rock’s “Golden Age” (according to myself - hope you agree!) there’s a great chance you’ll like Teen Creeps, too. They’ll feel like coming home.

I want to tell you to run out and see these guys. But I'm pretty sure they've never played a show in the U.S. of A. I'll have to do one more round of research before I cement this claim as truth. Oh, what the hell. Let's just stand by the statement. Teen Creeps have never played here. Maybe this dynamic profile will help change that. Hey. A music blob can dream.

And YOU can STREAM the band’s recently released 5 song EP below. You should. It’s really good. But I know you’re busy. Maybe asking you to click that button right there is unfair. So it's cool. Whether you stream it or not, it’s goodness that exists in our world. And it’s there whenever you’re ready for it, man.

Published June 16, 2014



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