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Electro-dance; it's been a few years since we fell in love with you and we're still not ready to kick you out of bed. Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are! Sometimes you snore like all hell, but just when I think my music mojo is going in another direction, I hear a band like TEETH and that old passion flowers again and I'm pulled back into the arms of your squiggly synths and big time beats.

TEETH is a... you guessed it... a big time dance-beat-making electro band. They're from London. Did you guess that? Did you guess that the band is made up of Ximon Tayki, Simon Whybray and vocalist Veronica So? If you did, you be cheatin'.

Let me tell you this, TEETH make some seriously straight-up club thumpers. You know... the non-lame club thumpers kind... so, nobody here sings like a robot. Things do get all noisy and weird though. And that's when the electro magic happens.

If this was 2001, we do believe we could call this electroclash. But we can't do that, can we? TEETH's debut is out son Moshi Moshi (Hot Chip, The Drums and lots and lots and lots). It's good. And live, they're really good.

Flowers by TEETH
Published September 7, 2011



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