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Written by Patrick McNamara

Nashville's roving DIY enjoyment crew Terror Pigeon (Dance Revolt) have been a band of various members for quite some time (we've seen a lot of shit since 2008, you and me) and I'm just getting around to telling you kind words about this band now. But for some reason I don't think these guys would mind much. They just want everybody to have a good time, whether you're late to the party or not because the party is you, don't you see? The party power has always rested right within you all this time. Terror Pigeon's jams break the ice that surrounds everything that keeps us from having fun and loving each other and dancing away that little voice in our head that says we can't.

If you're just getting in touch with Terror Pigeon too, it's important to consider this band through the lens of jubilation. This is synth punk pop meant to make people feel a little bit better about things. Think Andrew W.K. meets Dan Deacon, but more in philosophy than in sound. With lyrics like “there is nothing about you I won't love" and "don't worry, man, it will be alright" and song titles like “When I Think About You I Trust Myself" and “Forget Everything That Makes You Not Want To Be This Band" it's clear the positivity rules this world. Even Terror Pigeon's website makes me happy.

The band have put out several releases (2008 was ____ years ago, after all) and you can find most of them on the World Wide Intrasphere. But I'll throw a few directly below these words too. Have fun listening to them and enjoy your better mood as a result.

This is a delight.

Published May 4, 2015



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