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San Francisco's Terry Malts is sort of an offshoot of Magic Bullets (three of the Magic Bullets are the three Terry Malts, you see). And while it's not fair to compare side-projects to parent(?) projects, we're going to do it anyway. We like Terry Malts better. Actually, I'm not even sure the Magic Bullets are even still around.

But anyway, this boisterous trio is fuzzy and noisy and, well, just really good. They recently signed to Slumberland which totally makes sense because my first thought after listening to these guys was, "They remind me of a slightly less abrasive Weekend."

Well, maybe that wasn't my FIRST thought; who knows how many thoughts we have before our brain even notices. Deep shit. Anyway, if you like noisy, swirl-y garage pop that's played all fast and stuff, then you're really going to like Terry Malts.

Yes, you will. Oh, and you might also like Terry Malts if you like The Vaccines. Maybe that was my first thought. Who truly knows what goes on inside that brain?

Terry Malts - Distracted by Slumberland Records
Published September 21, 2011



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